One of the trickier parts of writing animations for mobile is that they have to work with a variety of different proportions and screen sizes. HQ is optimized to run on modern iPhones as well as the iPad.

Also notice how the host bubble also turns into a checkmark when the results come in...

Turn on sound to get a better sense of what is going on.

Also, it's the Rock. Crazy, right?

Daily Challenge is the off air version of HQ. I worked on the whole front-end experience on iOS (sans the sound, that's not my thing). The hardest part were the interstitial animation where text layouting, differing screen sizes and faux 3D meet in unholy matrimony.

Turn on the sound.

Winner animation with procedural fireworks. I cranked up the number of fireworks for this video. Because I won.
The gift drop box is not prerendered but an actual 3D construct made from UIKit components. When the user taps it randomly wiggles along its y and z axis. The prize and box animation run independently but the prize is occluded by the box for a split second. Which is tricky, y'all.

Turn on the sound.

A dynamic prize announcement animation that adapts to different screen sizes. Notice the background vortex animation. That was the hardest part...
The highscore modal animation changes a bit depending on what level the user is on. I noticed a glitch when I made this video, did you spot it too?