Laying out the puzzles was not as straight forward as one might think. There are different screen sizes to account for, different words lengths and everything still has to animate properly.

Turn on sound to get a better sense of what is going on.

In this iteration of the game you get stars based on how you did on the puzzle. Notice how the text in the box slightly wiggles when the stars hit? This is not a coincidence.

The stars also emit a bit of debris. It's always animated slightly differently so that it doesn't look like I just copied the animation a bunch of times.

Turn on sound. Anna is a great host!

The extra life animation is used in both HQ Words and HQ Trivia. The start and end position of the heart varies based on screen size. Not so easy to get that right.

Turn on sound.

The end results animation for Words. Not my best work, to be honest. Technically very complicated since the circles are sized somewhat indepependently from one another and the animation's length is actually dynamic based on when it's supposed to show and when it's supposed to dismiss even though there are no obvious seams here when it loops. But you know, I've falled out of love with it.